Anne Drouin
To flourish the earth, you have to sow. Anne Drouin painter and sower.

Artistic skills

Flowers, drawing and colours are her greatest passions, to which we add her creativity; they become portraits of flowers with vibrant colours and pure lines. The ardour of the painter completes this perfect bond.

She was born an artist and has turned to many forms of art over the years to give voice to her creative expression. In 1988, she began to offer the form of art that she has been nurturing since she was 12 years old. This particular form of art would become the outlet for her passion...oil painting.

Pure colour, harmony and beauty in all its forms, are the hallmarks of her work. Her muse is the flower and her pallet is full of colours, which she blends directly on the canvas to get the perfect shade she is looking for.
Capturing the heart and soul of what she paints and most likely yours.

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